Map My Health

Map My Health: Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about Map My Health. Check back for regular updates.

What is Map My Health?

  • Map My Health is a Next Generation Health Vault to improve healthcare by storing your Medical history. It Provide complete, accurate and timely information about your health.

Why Should use Map My Health?

  • Maintaining your health records like prescriptions, lab test reports, immunization details, information about your allergies, medical images etc. can help you in managing your health efficiently.

    Map My Health can help you in:
    Improving your awareness about your health.
    Having easy access to your health records.
    Sharing your health records with your doctors, family and friends.
    Printing your all or selected health records.

What are the Benefits of Map My Health?

  • Map My Health makes your health information / records like prescriptions, lab test results, and medical images accessible to you anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • Through Map My Health you can share your health information with your doctors, family and friends with significant ease.
  • Map My Health helps you to save money by avoiding repeat investigations.
  • Map My Health enables you to track your wellness activities.
  • Map My Health also has a clinical practice module, if your doctor is using the module, Map My Health would provide back to back seamless connectivity with the clinical practice module so that the health information is exchanged between you and your doctor instantly.

How Can Map My Health help in Improving my quality of Healthcare?

  • Map My Health can help you to manage health and wellness information. This information include lab results, prescriptions, medications, medical images, vitals etc. Managing these at one central place (accessible from anywhere anytime) helps in:

How will Map My Health Save time and Money?

  • It helps you by saving your time to find health records instantly. When your doctors have complete, accurate and timely information about your health history, they can make better, more informed decisions. This makes care safer and can also reduce the need for more—and increasingly expensive—care in the future.

Do I have to pay to use Map My Health?

  • No, Map My Health App & web Service are free of cost for all.

Can I Access Map My Health Through my cell Phone?

Is My Health Information in Map My Health safe and secure?

  • Yes, your health information in Map My Health is absolutely safe and secure. Only you have access to it.

Will my health information in Map My Health be available on the open internet? ( Like, Google Search )

  • It is safe & Secure. Your health records cannot be accessed on the open internet.

Can My Family view My Personal Health Records?

  • Your family and friends can view your health records stored at Map My Health only if you provide an access to them. You can also fix the duration for which your family and friends can view your health records.

What should I Need to know to share Health Records with Doctors, Family and Friends?

  • In order to share your records at Map My Health, you need to know the name and email id of the individual with whom you want to share your records

How Many Documents/Reports/Medical Images can I store in my profile at Map My Health?

  • There is no limit on the number of documents / reports / medical images that can be stored in my profile at Map My Health.

For How Long Would My Health Information remain stored in Map My Health?

  • Your health information would remain stored in Map My Health for life time, from the date of upload.

Can I save my Family Member’s Health Details in Map My Health Account?

  • Yes, No need to create individual account for family members you can store there health records in your account by creating family tree.

Can I print my personal health records?

  • Yes, you can print your health records saved at Map My Health. You can print full health record history, or you can also print selected health records.

I don’t want My Health Records anymore, can I permanently delete it?

  • Yes, you can permanently delete your record at any time.
  • When you delete your health record, all information in the record, including any backups, will be permanently deleted from the system. Deleted information cannot be recovered.