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map my health helps you to save your paper records to elcetronic health records

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Map My Health Provide accurate digital health record informtaion in no time

Accurate Information

Provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete health information about patients.

Map My Health:ehr is nothing but a helping hand for Healthcare providers

Help Health Providers

Helping Doctors effectively diagnose the patients, reduce errors and prescribe accurate treatments.

MAp My health: an healthcare app keeps all the personal health record in a secure vault and never compromised with privacy and security

Privacy and Security

Enhancing privacy and security of patient and family's medical records.

Through Map My Health: E-Health Records India, ehr can be share with your doctors and other healthcare with one click

Sharing Power

The ability to share personal health record anywhere at anytime via mobile for better and timely decision making.

Your Medical Records at your fingertips and
Access anytime, anywhere

Get Your Health record ready through Map My Health

Your health in Your Hand

Having all your health information in One place helps in reducing stress of finding Important medical records like Prescriptions & Test Reports at the needed time. You are in control of situations and are able to provide the right feedback to the doctor. The health records is available for Oneself and Entire Family.

MMH:health record app gives you the leverage of saving your family health records

Caring for your family's health

You are empowered to maintain the Medical history of your loved once. As Toddler age and Old Age are very challenging in terms of keep medical records, MMH (map my health) enables the empowerment to maintain the health records easily.

Our healthcare app is available when you need it – 365 days 24 hours.

Digital Health Record provides the Accurate, up-to-date information leads to a higher quality of care

Increased Quality of Care

Digital Health Records provide the ability to exchange complete medical history about a patient in real time. Accurate, up-to-date and thorough information naturally leads to a higher quality of care, from better diagnoses to reduced errors. The Doctors are able to take an informed decision once he can look at the Medical History of a patient for accurate Diagnosis and treatment.

Map My Health will let Healthcare profession and old age people access their health information over the Phone or Internet.

Health Care for the
Elderly and Children

Map My Health will let healthcare profession and old age people access their personal health record over the Phone or Internet.